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HomeFree is a Healthy Building Network initiative supporting affordable housing leaders who are improving human health by selecting less toxic building products.

HomeFree online learning provides tools to build your knowledge and help you select healthier building products.

Our courses are dynamic, with an interactive format. The self-paced and self-directed structure allows you to choose which topics to explore. Simple, science-based information supports decision makers and their teams to choose less toxic materials across your portfolios and projects. 

Who Should Take the Courses

  • Affordable housing owners, developers, and operators
  • Architects and designers
  • Material specifiers
  • Contractors
  • Affordable housing funders, regulators, and intermediaries

What You Will Learn

  • Why healthy materials matter for you, your residents and workforce, and the environment
  • The health impact of toxic chemicals found in common building materials
  • Actionable information needed to make healthier product selection for the HomeFree product categories
  • Tips for integrating healthier products into your projects and your practice from fellow affordable housing providers

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