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HBN HomeFree Webinar Series 1 - Welcome to HomeFree: Why Materials Matter

Nov 12 2019 | 02:00pm - 03:00pm ET

Webinar 1: Welcome to HomeFree: Why Materials Matter
Whether you are new to the healthier materials conversation or simply want to deepen your understanding, join us and boost your knowledge and capacity to choose healthier products for your projects. Participants will learn the essentials of healthy building materials including health impacts, US regulation, and how to get started and take action.
  • An introduction of the HBN’s HomeFree, and the role materials play in a holistic approach to healthy communities.
  • What regulations govern the use of chemicals in the United States.
  • Why transparency and disclosure of material content and manufacturing is important now and for the future.
  • What the primary health impacts are for chemicals of concern found in common building materials. 

HBN’s HomeFree is your guide to reducing and eliminating toxics in the materials you choose for your projects, big or small. We think, you shouldn’t need to be a chemist to safeguard the health of your residents, employees or the environment. Our courses deliver simple, science-based information supporting decision-makers and their teams to choose less toxic materials across your portfolios and projects.

Utilizing case studies and current research, the webinar series will expand your awareness and build the skills needed to identify and avoid materials that contain chemicals of concern, without sacrificing performance or breaking project budgets. 

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