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There are other great organizations (many collaborating with HBN) working on healthy materials issues. The list below includes some additional resources that may be useful in your quest for healthier building products. If you are using tools and resources that did not make this list, please share them with us so that we can include them. If you have comments about these resources, good or bad, please let us know that too!

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Quick Guide to Transparency This document was created to assist architects and developers pursuing Enterprise Green Communities Criterion 6.1: Ingredient Transparency for Material Health. It reviews the relevant transparency documents, where to find them, and how to interpret them. Guide
Prescription for Healthier Building Materials: A Design and Implementation Protocol A Prescription for Healthier Building Materials from the AIA and ARUP is described by the AIA as a stepwise method for: setting healthier material goals and defining criteria, selecting products, tracking, and specification. Guide
Health Care Without Harm Healthy Flooring Criteria Product List Health Care Without Harm developed healthy flooring criteria. These criteria encompass much of the HomeFree guidance, as well as additional requirements. Products that meet these criteria are expected to rank highly on the hazard spectrum. Guide
PFAS Central PFAS-Free Products List PFAS Central provides current information about PFAS, including a list of manufacturers with PFAS-free products. Provided by the Green Science Policy Institute and Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute at Northeastern University. Guide
SF Environment Approved Carpet List San Francisco Department of the Environment has set regulations on environmentally preferable carpet for use in city projects. Their requirements align well with the HomeFree criteria and go further by including additional requirements. Guide
Sustainable and Healthy Materials Action Packet Downloadable packet from MSR Design including their Materials Library Entry Criteria, Staff Onboarding Guide, and Architectural Samples Donation Guide which can be adapted to the needs of your organization or practice. Guide