Healthy Building Network and the HomeFree team have now had a chance to talk with several communities of practice, working hard to incorporate healthy materials guidance into their varied - but all amazing - affordable housing projects.

As part of these conversations, we have highlighted the HomeFree website, and pointed teams toward resources that we think will be helpful in making informed decisions at different phases of construction.  One of these resources is the “stoplight” chart of flooring options.

Originally tagged as a stoplight because flooring options were red (avoid these), yellow (could be good options if you pay attention to the details), or green (prefer these), we continue to expand the chart to include more types of flooring.  The chart now goes from shades of red, through orange and yellow and into shades of green to illustrate how all of these flooring types rate against each other.

At your request, we’ve expanded the chart once again to include two variations of ceramic tiles on the market:  those manufactured in the USA and those manufactured abroad.  The issue here is the inclusion of lead in tile glazes.  For this reason, US tiles, which are lead-free, receive a light green ranking and ties manufactured elsewhere receive a light red ranking.  Be sure to double-check with manufacturers about location of manufacture and/or heavy metal content.  

Check out the updated stoplight chart here.

We’re working to put together a stoplight chart for flooring adhesives as well.  Until then - be sure to tell us if there are additional flooring materials you’d like us to consider.