Webinar 1: Welcome to HomeFree: Why Materials Matter. 
Learn the essentials of healthy building materials including health impacts, US regulation, and how to get started and take action. Here you'll learn: 
  • About HBN’s HomeFree, and the role materials play in a holistic approach to healthy communities.
  • What regulations govern the use of chemicals in the United States.
  • Why transparency and disclosure of material content and manufacturing is important now and for the future.
  • What the primary health impacts are for chemicals of concern found in common building materials. 

Webinar 2: Why Safer Materials + Selecting Healthier Paint with HomeFree. 
Learn a step-by-step vetting process to quickly and easily move up to healthier paint products for use in unit turns and new construction. As a participant, you’ll receive: 
  • A brief recap—big picture toxics in common finishes.
  • A review of HBN’s HomeFree hazard spectrums with a focus on paints.
  • Step-by-step insight on paint selection: Vetting paint using the key attributes of the HomFree paint hazard spectrum.
  • A one-stop-shop for choosing: Tools and resources for implementing healthier materials.
  • Time for Q&A: Have your questions answered for your next project. 
Register now for the December 10 webinar, 1:00-2:00 p.m. CST

Webinar 3: In Practice: Integrating Healthier Materials Into Projects. 
Gain insight from people who've integrated healthier materials into their projects. Demystify the process and get a leg-up on implementing healthier options for your next build. You'll learn:
  • Lessons learned from HomeFree pilot project teams and leading practitioners.
  • Tips for including healthier materials in your projects and across your portfolio.
  • A One-Stop Shop: Tools and resources for implementing healthier materials.
  • Answers to your questions directly from Q&A.