Product Guidance

HBN's Product Guidance uses a red-to-green ranking system to compare different types of products based on their hazardous content. It is informed by our comprehensive research into the hazards associated with building products that may impact building occupants as well as fenceline communities and workers throughout the product's life cycle.

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What you need to know about Chemical Hazards and Health Impacts

Most people assume that the chemicals we use in our building products have been tested and approved as safe for human health by the US Government. That is not true. Read more here

Where’s the Product List?

Healthy Building Network believes there is a better way for project teams to find the best product to meet their specific requirements. Our years of experience have taught us that recommended product lists can be a mirage. The selections listed sometimes do not meet the real life needs of price, performance, or local availability. Sometimes the selections even fall short of being as healthy as promoted. Additionally, manufacturers are continuously innovating- changing formulas, discontinuing items, and adding new products. Therefore, building product data is not static. Information can vary with color, styles, or region, and quickly becomes outdated. Our approach is to provide the project team with knowledge, tools, and resources to make their own informed product selections on current and future projects.