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Common Product: Drywall (Natural Gypsum)

Drywall is commonly used in building construction as interior wall enclosures, ceilings, and partitions in both load-bearing and non-load-bearing cases. There are many categories strains of Drywall including but not limited to acoustical, fire-resistant, moisture-resistant and mold-resistant varieties. This Common Product profile represents a regular Drywall product. Drywall is composed of gypsum plaster pressed between a paper or cardboard lining. This common product profile characters a drywall product made only naturally mined gypsum.

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Selecting the Wrong Drywall Could Introduce Mercury into the Environment  News

Make a big impact without paying more or sacrificing performance by ensuring your specification provides an incentive for drywall with: 1. The highest percentage of natural gypsum possible. 2. The lowest amount of pre-consumer recycled content. 3. A preference for post-consumer recycled content. When using healthier drywall products, encourage your contractor to separate waste for recycling. Watch this short video on recycling drywall.

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