Demonstration Projects

From Our Communities of Practice

Photo Credit: MSR
The Healthy Building Network partnered on demonstration projects with a local affordable housing developer in six regions across the United States. These projects and their project teams provided a platform to test and model best practices and identify healthier products. The teams also served as local advisors, engaging and shaping the HBN HomeFree approach, and sharing knowledge with a regional cohort. The experiences of project teams as they used HomeFree to pursue options for healthier materials are shared in the case studies below. The studies include practical, replicable solutions, highlight products used, and share changes in practice. 


Morgan Hill, CA
Residents: Low-income individuals and families, families and persons in need of rapid rehousing, and veterans
Affordable Units: 100% 
Size: 66 units, 71,242 SF 
Sustainability Goals: LEED Platinum 
Owner: First Community Housing
Architect: SERA Architects
Modular Manufacturer: Factory_OS

Bedford Green

New York, NY
Residents: Homeless families and senior citizens
Affordable Units: 100%
Size: 118 units, 13 stories, 138,000 SF
Sustainability Goals: LEED Gold
Owner: Project Renewal, Inc.
Architect: Edelman Sultan Knox Wood / Architects

Dublin Crossing

Mankato, MN
Residents: Families
Affordable Units: 100%
Size: 50 units, 3 stories, 59,480 sf
Sustainability Goals: MHFA Green Communities
Owner: CommonBond Communities
Architect: Kaas Wilson Architects
Contractor: Weis Builders

Homes on Johnson Pond

Salisbury, MD
Residents: Families 
Affordable Units: 100% 
Size: 63 units, two three-story buildings, 71,238 SF 
Sustainability Goals: NGBS Green Certification 
Owner: Homes for America, Inc.
Architect: Architecture by Design
Contractor: Harkins Builders, Inc. 

Leigh Avenue

San Jose, CA
Residents: Low Income Seniors and Chronically Homeless Seniors
Affordable Units: 100%
Size: 64 units (1 BRs), 3 stories, 63,282 sq ft, .97 acre site
Sustainability Goals: LEED Platinum, LBC Pilot Program (NZE and Materials Targeted) CalGreen, exceed T24 by 24%
Owner: First Community Housing
Architect: Office of Jerome King Architecture and Planning
Contractor: L&D Construction

Liberty Bank Building

Seattle, WA
Residents: Low-income individuals and families, veterans and people with disabilities
Affordable Units: 100%
Size: 115 units (studios, 1- and 2- bedrooms), 6 stories, 101,000 SF
Sustainability Goals: Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard v2.2
Owner: Capitol Hill Housing
Architect: Mithun
Contractor: Walsh Construction, Co.