Transparency Campaign

Uniting our voices for change

The HomeFree Transparency Campaign engages and empowers HomeFree users and allies to demonstrate the demand for transparency, and greater disclosure of material content in building materials. Take the pledge, add your voice to the call and be a part of the change that will bring healthier building materials to everyone! 

The campaign will:
  • Build awareness of the lack of material content disclosure and need for transparency in the affordable housing sector.
  • Aggregate and empower the voice of the affordable housing sector and HomeFree users to lead market transformation for healthier products at all price points.

Pathways to Action

There are multiple pathways to meaningfully action. Big or small, the most important step is the first step, taking the pledge.

  • Sign the pledge.
  • Encourage project teams to review HomeFree content and sign up for free online education content on HomeFree Campus
    • For example, include a requirement to review the HomeFree product categories and disclosure preference in RFQ/RFP process.
  • Include in your specifications preference for products with public HPDs that have all contents characterized, screened, and identified to 100 ppm (parts per million). Further prefer products that have full public disclosure and have had their contents verified by a third party. 
    • Prioritize updating specifications for the nine product categories on HomeFree.
    • Expand the request to other products.
  • Send individual and joint letters to manufacturers voicing your demand for materials transparency. 


HBN’s HomeFree is committed to the continued development of tools and resources to support leaders in affordable housing who are improving human health by using less toxic building materials. In addition to the information found on this website, below are some great resources from organizations (many collaborating with HBN) working on healthy materials issues.
Resource Description Tags
Manufacturer Product Disclosure Request Template An email and letter template formatted with the information needed to make a disclosure request from a manufacturer. Tool
Health Product Declaration Collaborative The Health Product Declaration® (HPD) Collaborative is a customer-led, member organization committed to the continuous improvement of the building industry’s performance through transparency, openness, and innovation in the product supply chain. Assessment Tool
Health Product Declarations (HPDs) HPDs use a standard reporting format for disclosing a product’s contents and associated health hazards. They are an inventory tool and do not provide explicit judgement on safer products. Assessment Tool
Health Product Declaration Public Repository The Health Product Declaration (HPD) Public Repository is the authoritative source for published HPDs. HPDs are searchable and available to be downloaded by users – architects, designers, project teams, property owners, or any interested party. Assessment Tool
Cradle to Cradle Institute Cradle2Cradle sets product standards to guide designers and manufacturers to make products in fundamentally better ways. They provide a C2C Certified Products Registry and a Materials Health Certificate Registry. Certification Program
Declare Declare™ is a material certification program from ILFI. It is a transparency platform and product database that address where a product comes from, what it is made of, and where it goes at the end of its useful life. Certification Program
Declare Labels Declare Labels are building material “nutrition labels” which identify whether products contain any of a subset of hazardous chemicals that are included on the Living Building Challenge Red List. Certification Program
Prescription for Healthier Building Materials: A Design and Implementation Protocol A Prescription for Healthier Building Materials from the AIA and ARUP is described by the AIA as a stepwise method for setting healthier material goal and criteria definitions, product selection, track and specification. Guide